3 Guidelines to Help You Select the Ideal Remote for the Door to Your Garage

As a homeowner, you should always prepare for different emergencies that might inconvenience you or even put you in harm's way. A simple and effective way to stay safe is by having secondary access control systems that you can use in case the primary ones stop working. For example, having an extra set of keys is an ideal way to ensure you can get back into the house if you experience a lockout. [Read More]

Four Design Tips for Installing a Child-Friendly Patio in Your Home

Encouraging your children to spend time outdoors can boost their physical, emotional and intellectual health. A patio offers the perfect space for your kids to enjoy active, unstructured play. However, you need to choose a functional patio design to ensure your kids' safety while playing outdoors. With this in mind, check out these design tips that will help you construct a child-friendly patio in your home. Opt for a large patio space [Read More]

Five Biggest Trends For Indoor Shutters

If you are wanting to give your home and windows a refresh or a makeover, shutters are a great way to refresh your windows without having to undertake major renovations. They have the ability to modify the appearance of a room by adding shape and texture to the space. If you are thinking about updating your indoor shutters, here are the top five trends for indoor shutters. 1. Indoor Shutters In High Contrast Shades [Read More]