Don't Skimp on the Cost of These Kitchen Remodelling Details

When it comes time to consider a kitchen remodel for your home, you may concerned with your budget, and with how you can save the most money overall. There are some aspects of a kitchen remodel that you might scale back on, such as settling for a standard sized sink when you were really hoping for a farm-style, oversized sink and faucet set, but there are other details that are worth an added investment. [Read More]

3 Reasons Why Concrete Tiles May Make The Perfect Addition To Your Home

In recent years, concrete has gone from being considered a dull but functional building material to a contemporary and highly sought after feature in modern homes. Concrete flooring is one of the biggest trends and one that doesn't appear to be dwindling in popularity in a hurry. You may love the edgy and minimalist look of concrete flooring but have an existing home that would be extremely difficult or even impossible to accommodate one. [Read More]

Important Details to Review With Your Home's Custom Cabinetmaker

Having custom cabinets made for the kitchen, garage or anywhere else in the home can provide you with all the storage you need for everything you want to keep tucked away. A cabinetmaker can also work around unique spaces in the home, such as in a hobby room where you want cabinets installed around a window or that fit perfectly over a workbench. Whatever your needs for custom cabinets, note a few important details to discuss with the cabinetmaker, so you get cabinets you love and know how to maintain them in upcoming years. [Read More]

How to Create a Pleasant Outdoor Smoking Area For Guests

Got a smoking guest coming to visit, but don't want your home to end up smelling like an ashtray? Creating a pleasant outdoor smoking area is a great way to make your guest feel welcome and lay down some boundaries when it comes to smoking. They'll have an outdoor area to smoke in, so they won't be tempted to light up indoors, and you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your home won't be polluted with cigarette smoke. [Read More]